Install and License Genero Report Writer

The installation instructions for all of the packages provided by Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, PHP, and Swift.

This manual provides installation instructions for the products that comprise the Genero Report Writer suite. You can install Genero Report Writer (GRW) as a development package. Alternatively, you can install the runtime Genero Report Engine (GRE) and the development environment Genero Report Designer (GRD) as separate products.

This manual covers the installation and licensing of the product. Configuration of a product is covered in product-specific administrator and user manuals.

System Requirements

Refer to the Supported platforms and databases document (available on the Products download page of the Four Js Web site) or contact your support center.

Installing the Genero Report Writer package

To install Genero Report Writer for development, see Install Genero Report Writer.

See also Microsoft Windows Security Blocking.

Installing the GRE and GRD separately

Click on a link to access a product-specific installation guide:

Licensing your products

To learn more about licensing your Genero Report Writer installation, see License Genero Report Writer (GRW).
Note: For a general overview and introduction to licensing Genero products, see Genero Licensing manual.