Install or update the maintenance key (GRW) with GUI (no internet)

Follow this procedure to install the maintenance key using the Genero Report Engine for Java Licenser GUI application. Without internet access, you can get the maintenance key from Four Js from another machine via the internet, or by phone.

Register the license

  1. To get the maintenance key contact the vendor by phone, or get it from the Four Js website. See the procedure described in Get maintenance key from Four Js website.
  2. Launch the Genero Licenser application.
    • From within the Genero Report Writer product interface, launch it from the Tools > Genero Tools menu
    • From the desktop select the Genero Report Engine for Java Licenser application tool from your Four Js program list:
    The Four Js Licensing Application opens.
  3. Enter your maintenance key, and click Update key.
    Figure: Manually install the maintenance key

    Your product is now fully licensed. The License status is updated. In the field under Licensing status you see your maintenance key is valid until the date displayed after End of maintenance date.

  4. When finished, select Quit to exit the application.