The Report Design window

Use the Report Design window to create a Report Design document.

The Report Design document (4rp) defines the report page, including the report data and the report elements for organizing and displaying this data.

When creating a new report, you can begin with:Views and windows provide the tools and work areas for the report. Use the Window > Views main menu option to display and hide views:
  • The work area- main window of the report. When you open a report, this area contains the report page.
  • Structure View - a tree of the report containers and their contents.
  • Properties View - a list of the properties for a selected report element. In addition to literal values, expressions can be used to change the value of report elements properties.
  • Data View - a list of the data objects that are available for the report.
  • Toolbox - a list of the containers that are available.
  • The Output view - display of messages written to standard output.
  • The Document Errors view - a list of errors in the opened report design document or template.
  • The Tasks view - a task manager showing running applications.
Note: Metadata for the report design document can be stored in the properties of the report node.