Drag-and-drop objects

You can drag-and-drop an object from the Data View or Tool Box onto the Design view or the Report Structure view.

When you drag-and-drop into the Design view (where the report design is in the main work area), you can only drop objects into containers. You cannot drop objects onto a drawable.

To drop an object as a child of a drawable, you must drag and drop onto the drawable object in the Report Structure view.

Drag-and-drop multiple objects

You can drag-and-drop multiple objects from the Data View.

Use CTRL + SHIFT to select the objects, then drag them to the desired location. An object is created for each element selected, following the order in which they were selected.

If you drag to the Design work area using absolute positioning, an additional container is created for each element object. If you have chosen to create a form field object, a horizontal container is used so the elements appear in a line. When you create a column object, a vertical container is used so the elements appear stacked.

If you use relative positioning, or drag to the Structure View, the behavior is the same as if each element was dragged individually.