Example report structure

This example demonstrates how you can use the Structure View to examine and modify the structure of your report.

Figure: Structure View and Properties of a sample report

This figure is a screen shot of the Structure View and Properties View of a sample report. In the Properties, the Section attribute is expanded to show options, such as anyPageHeader.
The Page ( Page Root container)
  • Page Header: In the example shown, the Page Header is a Layout Node container that specifies what is to be printed as a Page Header. See Add headers and footers to a report. The example Page Header contains:
    • a Stripe container
    • a Word Box named Report Title
    • a Page Number box
  • The example data-related triggers Group userid, Group orderid, and Group linenum do not cause anything to print as they have no child containers.
  • The example OnEveryRow trigger has a Stripe containing a Decimal Text Box and a Word Box. These are the data items that will be printed for every data row that was passed to the report.