The OrderReport demo overview

When Genero Studio launches, the Welcome Page lists the demo projects. Select one of the projects starting with "OrderReport" to open the OrderReport demo project in Genero Studio.

The OrderReport demo project consists of:

  • Application and form files, created using the Business Application Modeler or hand-coded.
  • A set of report definition files, created with the Genero Report Designer.
  • The data schema for the database used with the demo reports.

The demo project files can be found in Documents\My Genero Report Writer Files\samples\Reports. Each project is organized by an appropriately-named directory.

To run the demo:

  • Select the appropriate configuration for the language.
  • Expand the OrderReport project in the Project Manager, and right click on the application node.
    Note: The node's name will start with "OrderReport", followed by the language.
  • Select Execute from the context menu.