OrderReport demo outputs

When you run the OrderReport demo, you determine the format of the report output, and whether it is saved to disk.

Output formats

The Output As section of the OrderReport user interface allows you to select the output format for your report.
An image file is created. By default, with the demo app, it is created in .jpg format.
  • If preview is selected, the image displays in the default image viewer for the client.
  • If save on disk is selected, the image is created in the GRW demo project directory.
A .pdf file will be created in the GRW demo project directory. The file can be viewed with an Acrobat PDF reader.
An SVG file will be created in the GRW demo project directory.
An SVG file will be created for viewing and is displayed using HTML5, with the Genero Report Viewer for HTML5.
Excel XLS Spreadsheet
The report data is output in Excel format.
RTF (MS-Word)
The file is save in Rich Text Format (RTF), which provides a format for text and graphics interchange that can be used with different output devices, operating environments, and operating systems; more that just Microsoft Word.
The report document is output in HTML format

Output actions

You can either view the report immediately, or you can save the report to disk.
Displays the report according to the selected output option. A copy is not saved to disk.
Save On Disk
Saves a copy of the report to disk. The report is saved in the directory C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp. The name of the report starts with the name of the report's .4rp file, followed by a unique string of numbers, followed by the appropriate file extension.