Change report output format (Swift)

Output options are initially set by the report design document. You can override the report settings in the report application.

The table below outlines the available output options and their capabilities. Choose the appropriate option for your requirements.

Table 1. Report output options
Format Archiving Integrated dialog printing Silent printing Viewing (streaming preview) Editing Computing Mailing
Printer Yes
PDF Yes Yes
Postscript Yes With O.S. printing command line tools, e.g. lp
Image Yes
Excel Yes Yes Yes
RTF Yes Yes
Browser Yes Yes

Each report design document can include settings regarding the output format, rendering settings, page range to include in the output, and image settings. These values are set when a report is first created, and can be altered by the report designer. See The Report output for details about setting these values within the report design document (.4rp).

Specify the desired output using the selectDevice() function. For more information about this function, or for a full list of the available methods, refer to the Genero Report Writer C API documentation.