C API reference

The Genero Report Writer for Swift includes C APIs.

The Swift classes use the C functions defined in the Genero Report Writer C API, located at $GREDIR/lib/swift.

Details about the data structures, files, and functions are provided in the Genero Report Writer C API documentation.

If you need to specify a NULL value for a parameter value, use:
  • BOOLEAN_NULL for a BOOLEAN data type.
  • INT_NULL for an INTEGER data type.
  • Float.nan for a FLOAT data type.
  • ENUM_NULL for an enumerated value data type.
  • nil for all other data types (such as character values).

When you compile a swift application, you must have the -I "$(GREDIR)/lib/swift" -L "$(GREDIR)/lib/swift" -lgre in Linker options.