GST-specific environment variables

This section lists and describes all Genero Studio specific environment variables.

See GRE environment variables for environment variables specific to the Genero Report Engine, such as GREDIR and GREDEBUG.


The GSTDIR environment variable defines the installation directory of Genero Studio.


The GSTSCHEMANAMES environment variable defines the schema files (4db) to be loaded by default into the Meta-schema Manager when Genero Studio for Genero Report Writer is launched. Available meta-schemas are displayed in the DB Schemas tab, and available to Genero Studio components such as Report Designer.

Use the GSTSCHEMANAMES environment variable to specify global schemas.
Note: Although you can specify global schemas, it is recommended that you add schemas to projects instead. Schemas added to projects are loaded when the project is opened, not at Genero Studio launch. Project can also be available to all developers without any additional configuration needed.

Select the default environment set (Global Database Schemas) or create a new one that includes the GSTSCHEMANAMES environment variable. Set the GSTSCHEMANAMES environment variable to specify the file names of the schemas to make available. Use the Value List environment variable type to list multiple schemas, separated by semicolons. Do not include the file extension.

Use FGLDBPATH to define the directories in which to find the schema files listed in the GSTSCHEMANAMES variable.


The GSTSETUPDIR environment variable specifies the directory that defines a specific setup for Genero Studio.

The specific setup of Genero Studio includes:
  • File associations.
  • Build rules.
  • The File > New menu entries (in creatables.conf) .
  • Additional properties for project definitions (in pm_settings.conf).
  • Custom diagram entries and properties (in settings.agconf).
  • BAM setup templates and files.

When in a remote Studio configuration, this setup directory is located on the server side and is synchronized with the client to have same settings on both sides.

To quickly identify the setup directory for your current GST configuration, select Tools > Specific setup > Locate setup directory. The directory defined by GSTSETUPDIR is highlighted in the File Browser (the Files view).

If you want to create your own Genero Studio setup, modify this variable to point to your own setup directory.

For your convenience, each iteration of the BAM templates have a default environment set created using the naming convention "Template dbapp*", where * represents the template version number. If you want to alter the BAM setup, you can make a copy of the GSTSETUPDIR directory defined by the "Template dbapp*" environment set and alter the copy.


The GSTUSERSAMPLESDIR environment variable defines the installation directory for the Genero Studio demo samples.

GSTUSERSAMPLESDIR is typically used when setting other environment variables.

With Genero Report Writer, this environment variable allows runnable demos using SQLite. For each language (JAVA, C# and PHP), Genero Studio provides an environment set for the demo applications for each of the languages; Java has the Demo Java Database Connection, for example. In each of these environment sets, one of the environment variables uses GSTUSERSAMPLESDIR to specify the connection string, in order to find the officestore.db database:
  • For JAVA, the JAVA_DB_URL is defined as: jdbc:sqlite:$(GSTUSERSAMPLESDIR)/OfficeStoreRes/database-sqlite/officestore.db
  • For .NET, ADO_CONNECTION_STRING is defined as: Data Source=$(GSTUSERSAMPLESDIR)/OfficeStoreRes/database-sqlite/officestore.db
  • For PHP, the PDO_DSN (The PDO Data Source Name) is defined as: sqlite:$(GSTUSERSAMPLESDIR)/OfficeStoreRes/database-sqlite/officestore.db