Share projects / source code management

You can manage your source files using the integrated Source Code Management (SCM) module or third-party version control systems.

You can share your Genero projects using a Version Control System (VCS) such as Apache's Subversion:

  • A network drive/directory must be set up on the remote server for the storage of the project and source files.
  • All paths in the 4pw files must be relative paths; only the path of the project(s) can be absolute.
  • The network drive/directory must be mapped on each client machine.
  • You will check out a copy of the project file and source files from the repository to your mapped network drive. After making changes, commit your files back to the repository.

Genero Studio for Report Writer for Windows® includes Apache's Subversion client, which enables collaborative sharing and maintaining of the files in Genero projects. Genero Studio for Report Writer for GNU/Linux® and Genero Studio for Report Writer for macOS™ rely on Subversion 1.9 or greater, which must have been installed on the system. For more information about Apache's Subversion, see:

To specify the location of your SVN client, set the Subversion preferences.