Command line options

Genero Studio can be launched at the command line with the command generoreportwriter at a console, terminal, or using the Genero Workplace Window.


generoreportwriter [options]
Table 1. Genero Studio command line options
Option Description
-h Display help instead of the standard behavior.
-V Display program name and version information.
-height HEIGHT Set window height in pixels.
-width WIDTH Set window width in pixels
-translate LOCALE Set translation file where LOCALE is zh_TW, the locale for Taiwanese (using traditional Chinese characters) or zh_CN, the locale for Chinese (using simplified Chinese characters).
-log [all, req, id] Set the log level. Use all to turn on all logs, req to turn on server request logs, and id to turn on logs for a given module.
-diff FILE1 FILE2 Open the given files in diff mode. See Using the Diff tool.


On a Microsoft® Windows® system, this example creates a file named help.txt, saving the output of the -h option:

generoreportwriter -h > help.txt