Language support (text encoding)

Text encoding specifies the character set to be used by Genero Studio. You can change the default encoding to work in your preferred language.

To support internationalization, characters typed at the keyboard are intercepted and changed automatically, based on the specified text encoding method.

The character set is specified in Tools > Preferences > General Preferences. The default text encoding is UTF-8. To use encodings for a different language, select a different text encoding choice from the list. For example, to use Arabic, set the Text Encoding to ISO-8859-6. In addition, text encoding plugins can be configured, which are loaded at startup to provide new encoding support.

Default encodings are much faster than plug-ins. You are strongly advised to use the provided encodings unless there are no other solutions.

The encoding must be correctly set before opening documents, as the selected encoding is used during file operations of text documents (load, save, parsing, highlighting, and so on).

Other considerations:
  • If you change the text encoding in Genero Studio, the corresponding LANG environment variable must be set. The compile and run commands, which are run at the command line, must run using the correct environment.
  • If you are editing text using a third-party tool, you must ensure that the tool uses the same encoding method.
  • PHP does not work natively with UTF-8, so you will have to use your local encoding.