What is Business Application Modeling (BAM)?

Genero Studio Business Application Modeling (BAM) is a graphical design tool to generate the code that extracts data and creates data models in the target language. It creates libraries that define the data model.

BAM design process

With BAM, you:
  • Create a project type pre-configured for the language you wish to use to generate your source code.
  • Use the wizard to model the business record representing the data to be streamed by your report application.
  • Enhance the generated code with your own logic, if necessary.
  • Take the generated library and include it in your bespoke applications.

Is my application a good candidate for BAM?

If your report data is to be extracted from a database using SQL, then your report application is a good candidate for BAM.

Custom code can be added for any functionality that is not generated by BAM.