If a POINT / BLOCK is present in your source code but is no longer defined in the template file, the POINT / BLOCK will be considered "LOST". When the application is rebuilt, the Status attribute for the missing POINT / BLOCK will be set to LOST.

Lost sections, with their complete content intact, are commented out and put at the end of the regenerated source file. For example:

{<BLOCK Name="myBlockName" Status="LOST">} 
-- int flag1; -- int flag2;
-- {<POINT Name="myPointName" Status="MODIFIED"> } int flag3;
{</POINT>} -- int flag4 = 10 -- {<POINT Name="myPointName2">} {</POINT>} 
Note: The LOST status is not set on the POINT nested within the lost BLOCK, however the entire lost BLOCK is commented out including all nested POINT / BLOCK sections.