$(tcl) - deprecated

$(tcl) is deprecated, tclsh is used instead of $(tcl) to generate files. The $(tcl) command launches the TCL interpreter and generates the final file by using both a Tcl template file and the intermediary XML file created by the $(generate) command.


$tcl [options] xml_filename
  1. options are described in Table 1.
  2. Name of the intermediary XML file created by the $(generate) command for the current item.


Table 1. $(tcl) options
Option Description
-tpl templatefilename Tcl template filename.
-o Path of the file to which to write output.

Alternative syntax

Syntax similar to the command line Tcl Interpreter is available from version 2.41.
$(tcl) templatename templatearguments


The $(tcl) is used in build rules for generated programs. Predefined node variables can be used in the command.
$(tcl) "$(TemplateDir)/tpl/main.tcl" "$(InputDir)/$(InputBaseName).xml"