Edit menu

The icon, menu name, shortcut key, and description of each option in the Edit menu.

Table 1. The Edit menu
Icon Menu Item Accelerator (Shortcut) Description

  Undo Ctrl+Z Undo the last action(s).

  Redo Ctrl+Y Redo the last action(s).

  Cut Ctrl+X Cut to clipboard.

  Copy Ctrl+C Copy to clipboard.

  Paste Ctrl+V Paste from clipboard.

Delete Del Delete item.
    Select All Ctrl+A Select all on area with focus.
    Search/Replace   See Search and replace.

Find icon
    Find CTRL+F Find in current file.

Find in Files icon
  Find in Files CTRL+SHIFT+F Find in selected files.

Find Previous icon
    Find Previous SHIFT+F3 Find previous occurrence.

Find Next icon
    Find Next F3 Find next occurrence.

Replace Previous icon
    Replace previous   Replace previous occurrence.

Replace Next icon
  Replace next   Replace next occurrence.

Replace All icon
    Replace all   Replace all occurrences.

Stop icon
    Stop search   Stop current search

Clear All Search Results icon
  Clear all Search Results   Clear all search results.
    Bookmarks   See Bookmarks.

Toggle Bookmark icon
    Toggle Bookmark CTRL+B, CTRL+B Toggle bookmark at location. See Bookmarks.

Previous Bookmark icon
    Previous Bookmark CTRL+B, CTRL+P Go to previous bookmark.

Next Bookmark icon
    Next Bookmark CTRL+B, CTRL+N Go to next bookmark.

Delete All icon
    Delete all Bookmarks CTRL+B, CTRL+L Go to next bookmark.
    Open Line Ctrl+Shift+L Open a new line.
    Delete Line/Word   Delete current word or line.
    Selection   Select current word or line. See Selection keymap.
    Go To Ctrl+G Go to location in file.
    Comment Ctrl+K  

    Toggle Line Comment Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K Toggle line comment.

    Block Comment Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C Comment section of code.

    Block Uncomment Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U Uncomment section of code.
    Completion Ctrl+Space Completes a line of code or prompts for a valid keyword in the syntax. See Auto completion (Ctrl+Space).

    Auto Complete Ctrl+Space Completes a line of code or prompts for a valid keyword in the syntax. See Auto completion (Ctrl+Space).

    Use Template Ctrl+T Select template from list. Code templates (Ctrl+T).
    Case Alt+Shift+U Change selection to upper case.

    Upper Case Alt+Shift+U Change selection to upper case.

    Lower Case Alt+Shift+L Change selection to lower case.
      Uppercase Word Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W Change word to upper case.
      Lowercase Word Ctrl+Alt+W Change word to lower case.

    Toggle Case Ctrl+U Toggle case.

    Convert Keywords to Uppercase   Convert keywords to upper case.
    Strip Trailing Spaces Ctrl+Shift+T Delete all spaces at the end of lines.
    Format and Indent Ctrl+Shift+I Format the document by indenting XML elements and removing extra spaces. This option is enabled only for XML documents.
    Convert to   Convert text to Windows, UNIX, or Mac® format.
    VI Editing Mode Ctrl+Shift+E Use VI commands to edit the file. Seevi emulator and diff tools in Code Editor .