Compilation configuration

Set preferences for compilation configuration


Maximum number of parallel compilation tasks

Specify the maximum number of parallel compilations that you want to allow. although only one link at a time can be done, multiple file nodes can be compiled simultaneously. This speeds up the build process if the machine has multiple processors.

If you specify 0 maximum, Project Manager uses the number of processors available on the local machine (i.e. 2 for a dual core machine).

Maximum number of erroneous files before stop compiling
Specify the maximum number of files containing errors to be permitted before compilation is automatically stopped.
Compute dependencies between files (recommended)
This enables the computation of dependencies. They will be computed when the project is loaded, and is enabled by default. It can be useful to disable it for very large projects or projects on network drives with performance problems. However, it should ordinarily be enabled, in order for the build system to take the #include and globals into account.
Compute additional information about functions
Save modified files before compile and build
Specify whether to automatically save files before compile and build process.
Verbose mode for build/link/execution rules
Specify to display build, link, and execution rule commands in output.


Clear output before each compilation
When selected, clears the Output view before each new compilation.