Example: How build rules work

Example: report.4rdj

The process used by Project Manager to compile a file called report.4rdj is:
  1. Project Manager first searches the language to be used as defined in the parent application or library node.
  2. Project Manager determines the MIME type of this file; it is "application/generostudio-4rdj".
  3. Project Manager looks for a corresponding build rule in the Project build rules. After searching the Project build rules, if no rule is found that handles the "application/generostudio-4rdj" MIME type, it searches the Specific build rules, then the Global build rules, and finally in the Default build rules.
  4. Once a build rule has been identified, Project Manager executes the commands defined in the build rule after replacing the variables.
  5. If no build rule is found, the file is skipped and the next one is processed.