Microsoft Windows Security Blocking

The Windows® firewall, enabled by default, detects and blocks the Genero Studio Server and the Genero Report Viewer.

From the network point of view, Genero Studio Server and the Genero Report Viewer (used by Genero Studio to display reports) are both considered servers. When you start Genero Report Viewer, or attempt to connect to Genero Studio Server, the firewall detects this and blocks the programs.

A dialog allows you to unblock the program. Follow the instructions provided by the dialog.

If you select Keep Blocking or Ask Me Later, the firewall continues to block the program(s).

If Keep Blocking has been pressed by mistake, you can change this parameter in the Windows Firewall settings. Ensure you add Genero Studio, Genero Studio Server and Genero Report Viewer to the list of exceptions or allowed apps, and make sure that their listings have a check mark.