PHP report demos

For the PHP language, Genero Studio for Report Writer provides a demo of a generated application.

The projects for the demo applications can be found on the Tutorials & Samples tab, located on the Welcome Page.

Generated demos

One major feature of Genero Report Writer is the ability to generate your data models, using the graphical wizard provided by the Business Application Modeler. Regardless of the language selected, the inputs into the data source generation do not differ. The data schema (4db) file is provided under a Databases library node, the Data Model Diagram (4rdj) file is provided under the DataSourceLib library node, and two report design document (4rp) files are provided under the Designs library node. The language-specific files include the small report launcher file, found under the ReportLauncher application node and all generated files located in the Intermediate Files folder.

You can use these demos to:
  • Test your configuration. If you have configured properly for your selected language, the language-specific demo should run out-of-the-box.
  • Examine the recommended project organization for a generated data source.
  • View examples of data models: as data model diagrams, as data schemas, and as a set of classes in the generated source code files.

For instructions on running the generated demo for PHP, see Run the OrderReportBAMPhp report demo.

Hand-Coded demos

At this time, there are no hand-coded demos using the PHP language.