Create labels: the report application (PHP)

A common use of reports is to create a page of labels, such as address labels. Creating labels requires you to create a report design document representing a single label and a report application that prints multiple labels on a page.

Create the report design document

The report design document (.4rp) contains the design for a single label. You can put anything you wish on the label, as long as it fits onto the page.

See Design labels for details on creating the single-label report design document (.4rp).

Example code snippet

This code snippet prints the labels on a physical page, two labels per row and six labels per column.
// Create the report engine
$designFile = "OrderLabels.4rp";      
$reportClassName = "OrderReport\OrderReport"
$greRunnerObj = new FourjsReportRuntime($designFile, $reportClassName);
// special settings for labels
Figure: Output of labels on a physical page

This figure shows an example of output from a report configured to create Labels.