Output as HTML (PHP)

Set up and configure output to HTML from your reporting application.

You can use the API function selectDevice("HTML") to output any existing report as an HTML document.

Graphical elements such as bar codes are implemented by rendering them as images and included in the document. An option to generate the images on disk and to use external URLs is provided by the function configureHTMLDevice().

When elements overlay each other (or text strings intersect), the default behavior is to create one image from the two elements and to include the image. An exception to this occurs when the overlaid element is an image: the "background" image is removed from the resulting document.

There is an option in the function configureHTMLDevice() to ignore the horizontal or vertical alignment in the document. The default is FALSE for HTML document output.

For the full list of properties and methods, refer to the Genero Report Writer PHP API documentation.