Add aggregate fields to a record

In this procedure, you add one or more aggregate fields to a record in a Data Model diagram (.4rdj).

To add aggregate fields to a record, you specify aggregation properties for one or more fields existing in the record.

  1. Open the Data Model diagram (.4rdj).
    The diagram opens. The record hierarchy displays in the Structure View.
  2. In the Structure View, select the field to aggregate.
  3. In the Properties view, select the aggregationFunctions property. Click the ellipse to open the Aggregation Functions dialog.
    Figure: Aggregation Functions dialog

    Screen shot of Aggregation Functions dialog.
  4. Select the options to include in your aggregation.
  5. Save your changes.
When the Data Model is built, the resulting schema file will include fields to hold the selected aggregates, one for each grouping level.