Specify different first and last pages

Add additional Page Root containers to serve as different first and last pages in a report.

About this task

A typical report starts with a single Page Root container, where the streaming data is formatted and displayed. To add additional pages to the report, you add and position additional Page Root containers. For example, you can add an upfront advertisement at the start of a report, or add terms and conditions at the end of a report.

  1. In your report design document, add Page Root containers.
  2. In the Structure view, place the Page Root containers in the position that you want them to appear in the report, before or after the main Page Root.
  3. Label the Page Root containers to distinguish their functions.
    For example:
    • first-page - This is a "before" page, to print before the main content.
    • main-report-page - This contains the triggers and containers that make up the body of the report.
    • last-page - This is an "after" page, to print after the main content.
  4. Add content to the pages as required.