Report an issue to support

Use the GREDATAFILE environment variable to generate debug information that you can use in a support ticket.

If you are encountering an issue with your Genero Report Writer application, you need to be able to gather the processing instructions and the XML data stream being sent to the Genero Report Engine.
Follow these instructions if you need to open a support ticket.
  1. In the Genero Configuration Management dialog, create an environment variable called GREDATAFILE.
  2. Set GREDATAFILE to the file name where you want to store the debug information, for example, reportdatafile.xml.
  3. Run the application.
    The application writes to the specified file. It will not create a report.
  4. Provide your support person with the following files:
    • The data file specified by GREDATAFILE
    • The report definition document (.4rp)
    • All resources accessed by the report, for example, the images, HTML files, subreports, and data schemas (.rdd or .xsd)
Four Js Support will be able to reproduce the issue using the files provided.