Run the OrderReportBAMJava report demo

Follow these steps to view the Business Application Modeler Java demo application.

Before you begin:
Run the demo to verify your installation and configuration, prior to creating your own report application.
Note: To run the demo that does not use code generated by the Business Application Modeler, see Run the OrderReportJava report demo.

The Demo Java Database Connection

The JAVA_DRIVER_NAME, JAVA_DB_URL, JAVA_DB_USER and JAVA_DB_PASSWORD environment variables are used in the generated application to provide necessary database information. The OrderReportJava demo application uses the Demo Java Database Connection environment set to set values connect to the provided officestore.4db database.

Tip: If you want to connect to the same database, but need to make changes to any of the environment variables due to the location of your new project on disk (or any other change to the out-of-the-box defaults), it is recommended that you create a copy of the environment set, and use that copy for your non-demo projects.
Figure: Use a copy of the Demo Java Database Connection environment set

Screen shot showing copy of the database connection environment set.
  1. Set the Java configuration as active.
  2. On the Welcome Page tab, click OrderReportBAMJava.
    The OrderReportBAMJava.4pw project opens in the Projects view.
  3. Select Debug > Execute to execute the application.
    The application executes, and the Report Launcher form displays.
  4. By default, the OrderReport.4rp is the selected report. Use the Select report design combobox to specify a different report. If the report is not listed, use the Add... button to select the report.
  5. Click Run.
    The report prints to a PDF file. The location of this file is written to the Output view, and the file opens in the PDF reader.
At the end of this procedure, a report displays. If the report does not display, you must identify the issue before you attempt to create your own report with the Business Application Modeler.