Add a text encoding plugin

Use this procedure to add support for a new encoding.

Before you begin, the preferred encoding must be installed on the Linux™ system.

The example shows how to configure a new encoding, using IBM852 as an example. Genero Studio runs on a Windows® 7 Ultimate 64-bit platform using English with the CP1252 character set (Western European languages).

  1. Locate the IBM852 charmap on the internet or Linux system.
    Figure: Unix ls command showing the compressed IBM852 character map

    This screenshot shows the compressed IBM852 charmap in the /usr/share/i18n/charmaps directory on the Linux server.
  2. Copy the uncompressed charmap to the GSTDIR/conf/charmaps directory . Create the charmaps directory if it does not already exist.
    Figure: Uncompressing and copying the charmap to the Genero Studio charmaps directory

    This screenshot shows the process of uncompressing and copying the IBM852 charmap to the <GST-install-dir>/conf/charmaps directory.
  3. Create a new entry for the encoding in GSTDIR/conf/encodingMap.xml.
    Figure: Adding the IBM852 alias to the encodingMap.xml file

    The figure shows the new entries in the encodingMap.xml file for the IBM852 alias.
  4. Open Genero Studio and select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, Genero Studio > Preferences), then General. Check to see if the new plugin displays in the list of encodings.
    If the plugin is not present in the Text Encoding list, check the following:
    • Did you copy the charmap to the Genero Studio charmaps directory?
    • Is the charmap a valid POSIX2 charmap?
    Figure: New text encoding plugin displayed in Text Encoding list.

    This screenshot shows the new IBM852 plugin in the list of text encodings in Genero Studio Preferences.