Configure the database driver

Genero Studio for Report Writer uses to test database connection and to create the database meta-schema file. For Java implementations, Genero also uses JDBC to connect to the database.


The Genero environment is set up by default to use a JDBC driver for SQLite. Follow the procedure below only if you want to change the defaults.

  1. Download the JDBC driver for your database.
    JDBC drivers are files with the extension .jar. They are usually provided by the database software vendor.
  2. Select Tools >> Genero Configurations.
  3. Select the environment set, and update the CLASSPATH environment variable to include the path to the JDBC driver.
    For example, the default DB-SQLite environment set sets the CLASSPATH environment variable to include the .jar package that contains the SQLite database driver.

    In this screen shot, the SQLite .jar file is added to the front of the existing CLASSPATH.


To validate the configuration of the database driver, you must test by connecting to a database. You will need to provide the database driver name and the connection string, and then use the Test Connection functionality. Follow one of these procedures: