Run the OrderReportBAMSwift report demo

Follow these steps to execute the OrderReportBAMSwift demo application. This application used the Business Application Modeler to create the Swift data source.

Before you begin:
Run the demo to verify your installation and configuration, prior to creating your own report application.
  1. Set the Swift configuration as active. For further information, see Change the active configuration.
  2. Start the Genero Report Engine.
    1. Select Tools > Genero Tools > Genero Workplace Window.
    2. At the command line, enter greportwriter -l 7000.
  3. On the Welcome Page > Tutorials & Samples tab, click OrderReportBAMSwift.4pw.
    The OrderReportBAMSwift.4pw project opens in the Projects view.
  4. Select Debug > Execute to execute the application.
    By default, the OrderReport.4rp is the selected report. To specify a different report, modify the Command line arguments property for the ReportLauncher application node.
    The report prints to a PDF file. The location of this file is written to the Output view, and the file opens in the PDF reader.
Examine the second application node, RunReportFromApp, to understand how to integrate the report library created with the Business Application Modeler into an existing Swift application.