Explore database meta-schemas

Follow these steps to view a database meta-schema.

  1. From the Welcome Page, Projects tab, select the OrderReportBAMJava project. This opens the OrderReportBAMJava project file in the project view.
  2. Expand the project and find the Databases node.
  3. Double-click on the officestore.4db file. The file opens in the Meta-schema manager. A diagram of the database displays in the central workspace, and a hierarchical representation of the database displays in the Database Structure view.
  4. In the central workspace, note the layout of the tables and columns and the defined join relationships between them. Zoom in and out of the diagram by holding down the Ctrl key while scrolling with the mouse.
  5. Select File > Print Preview. Note that you can print any diagram in a variety of ways.
To view and modify the data, you can use DB Explorer. See DB Explorer.