License details reference

A reference to license details.

The output from the license controller command, for example, greWrt -a info license, and/or the Genero Licenser application screen displays details about the installed license. Use Table 1 as a reference to look up details of your license.

For specific license details, see your license agreement, or contact your nearest Four Js sales office.

Table 1. License details
Details displayed Description
License The value of the license number.
License Key The value of the license key.
Product The name of the product under license, for example:
  • Genero Report Writer for Java C# PHP (for Genero Report Writer products).
Type The type of license. This can be:
  • runtime
  • development
Users The maximum number of users allowed to use the license.
Extension(s) Information on some specific conditions of the license. For example, "- Open Database Interface" means that your license allows you to use any database.

The installation number is displayed if the license is a temporary license and the installation has not been finalized.

If the license is date-limited, then the date when the license expires is shown.

End of subscription/maintenance date
This is the date your subscription license ends or the date your maintenance contract expires, depending on what type of license you have. The message will indicate the type of license you have, this can be:
  • End of subscription date:YYYY/MM/DD (Year/Month/Day)
  • End of maintenance date: YYYY/MM/DD (Year/Month/Day)