Get maintenance key from Four Js Genero Report Writer website

You get the maintenance/subscription key from the Four Js Genero Report Writer website to ensure you have a valid key to install or update your product's license.

About this task:
You can also get the maintenance key by contacting your local Four Js support center by phone.
Note: The maintenance key may also be known as a subscription key depending on your contract.
Before you begin:

You must have the license number.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Genero Report Writer web site
  2. Navigate to the Support > License your products page and scroll to the Online maintenance section.
    Figure: Four Js Online Subscription form

    The image shows the Online subscription form on the License your products page of the Four Js Genero Report Writer web site (
  3. Complete the Online Subscription form making sure that everything is entered correctly and select Submit.
    A new page is displayed providing you with the subscription/maintenance key.