Use hyperlinks in a report

Use the id and href properties to add hyperlink functionality to a report.

The id and href properties can be specified for text and images in the following containers: wordBox, wordWrapBox, decimalFormatBox, dateFormatBox, pageNoBox, referenceBox, imageBox, and htmlBox).

The Hyperlink properties group contains two properties:

Creates an anchor in the document. Identify a node using a unique id. The unique id can then be used as the target of a hyperlink.
Defines a hyperlink pointing to a resource on the Internet, local disk, or an anchor inside the document. The href should be defined using the URI syntax. Examples include:

A hyperlink only functions on report outputs that are interactive. Hyperlinks do not work in reports that are output to Image, Printer or Postscript formats.

Providing a link to a place within the report

By using the hash symbol (#), you can provide a hyperlink from one place to another within the report. This is implemented by using the href property of the link-from object and the id property of the linked-to object.

For example, create a Word Box called SeePaymentTermsForDetails and set its href to #paymentTerms. Create a Word Wrap Box called PaymentTerms and set its id to paymentTerms.

Figure: Hyperlink objects

This figure shows the Properties for a Word Box called SeePaymentTermsForDetails and a Word Wrap Box called PaymentTerms.

In the report, when the user clicks the SeePaymentTermsForDetails hyperlink, they are sent to the PaymentTerms object.