Choose report elements

After placing a container on a report page, add the report elements that hold the data and determine how the report looks.

Data View

Icons at the top of the Data View specify the type of object created when you drag and drop a data value. See Adding fields from the Data View.

Tool Box view

Choose elements in the Tool Box depending on what you want to display.

Table 1. Tool Box elements
To display Use
Single line of text Word Box
Multiple lines of text Word Wrap Box
Text with formatting that cannot be achieved with a Word Box or Word Wrap Box Paragraph and Paragraph Text
HTML document HTML Box
PDF document PDF Box
Image Image Box
Numeric data Decimal Format Box
Date Date Format Box
Page break Break
Page numbers on each page Page Number Box
Standard table Table
Pivot table Pivot table
Graph with one set of values Map chart
Graph with two sets of values mapped against each other Category chart
Graph with an XY plot XY chart
Values such as "Total from previous pages" or "Totals until this point" An Info Node and a Reference Box

See Print a value from the previous page.

Bar code Bar Code Box