Example report structure

This example demonstrates how you can use the Report Structure view to examine and modify the structure of your report.

Figure: Report Structure and Properties views of a sample report

This figure is a screen shot of the Report Structure view and Properties view of a sample report. In the Report Structure view, the Page Header element is selected. In the Properties view, the Section property is expanded to show options, such as anyPageHeader.
In Figure 1:
  • All other elements are children of the Page Root.
  • The Page Header is a Layout Node container that specifies what is to be printed as in the page header. The Page Header contains:
    • a Stripe container
    • a Word Box named Report Title
    • a Page Number box
  • The FirstPageHeader, Group userid, and Group linenum triggers display as empty circles. They have no child report elements, and therefore do not cause anything to print.
  • The Group orderid trigger displays as a filled red circle, because it has report elements as immediate children. It has a Stripe Layouter and Word Wrap Box, which repeat when the orderid changes.
  • The OnEveryRow trigger also displays as a filled red circle. It has a Stripe containing a Decimal Text Box and a Word Box. These data items are printed for every data row that is passed to the report.
  • The Page Header is selected, and therefore its properties display in the Properties view. The Section property is being edited; see Add headers and footers to a report for further details.