Template field triggers

The template field trigger specifies where a dynamic list of fields can be included in a report created from a template.

When you create the report template schema definition (.rsd), you add the TemplateFieldsTrigger element to provide a placeholder for data. For example:

<TemplateFieldsTrigger groupName="fields"/>
<TemplateFieldsTrigger groupName="anotherName"/>

When you associate the report template schema definition with the report template, each TemplateFieldsTrigger group becomes a template field trigger. In the Report Structure view, the template field trigger displays as blue to distinguish it from other triggers. You can place items under this trigger, as in Figure 1.

Figure: The temple fields trigger in the Report Structure view

When the user creates a report from the template, the template field trigger displays as the Add fields page in the New Report from Template dialog. Each uniquely-named TemplateFieldsTrigger group becomes a separate Add Fields page. See Figure 2.

Figure: New Report from Template dialog box: Add fields

Screen shot of Schema Association page in New Report From Template wizard.