Print preview dialog

The Print preview dialog allows you to preview a document or diagram, before sending it to the printer. Various toolbar icons allow you to change how the document or diagram prints.

The Print preview dialog appears when you select File > Print Preview....

Figure: Print preview dialog
Screen shot of Print preview dialog.
Actions available from the Print preview dialog are presented as icons in the toolbar.
Table 1. Print preview toolbar icons
Icon Name Description
Print Opens the print dialog.
Portrait printing Formats layout to be a portrait page.
Landscape printing Formats layout to be a landscape page.
Page setup Opens the page setup dialog.
Fit to width Fits the content to the width of the page.
Fit to page Fits the content to the size of the page.
Percentage combobox Sets the display size in proportion of the final print size.
Zoom in Enlarges the display percentage.
Zoom out Reduces the display percentage.
Single page View a single page at a time.
Facing pages View pages in book style, with even and odd pages facing each other.
Overview of pages View all pages in two columns.
Page navigator Navigate to the front of the print document, to the previous page, to a specific page, to the next page, or to the last page of the print document.
Help Access the help documentation.
Page navigator Close the dialog.