Save As dialog

When you save a file for the first time, or select File > Save As, the Save as dialog opens.

If a project is open, you can also choose to create a link to the file in a group node or virtual folder.
Specify where the file should be saved in the file system. Click the magnifying glass icon to browse for the path and enter the filename.

On Windows®, if you are trying to save a filename without an extension and the dialog demands an extension, simply enter the filename (without the extension) in quotes.

Insert the file in the project
If selected, you can choose the application or library node, or a virtual folder, from the list that is displayed in the dialog. Use the plus icons to expand the list.
If a project is not open, the file can be saved in the file system only. No link can be created in a group node.
Save in
Select the path where the file should be saved in the file system.
Enter the name of the file.
Save as type
Change the type of the file, if desired.

If you have previously saved the file, choosing File > Save saves it again with the same parameters. No dialog opens.

The Save All option saves the project and its contents.