Show, dock, or move a view

Views (panels) can be hidden and shown, docked or undocked, and moved within the framework.

Show or hide a view

Show or hide views by right-clicking in the Genero Studio for Report Writer window title, or use Window > Views.

The Data View and Tool Box views are only listed when you have a report design document open in the Document view.

For a list of hot keys to show and hide the views, look at Window > Views. Where available, the hot key is listed next to the view name.

Select visible views

To open the Manage Views dialog, select Window > Views > Manage Views .... A dialog opens listing all views. Use the checkbox to set each view as visible or hidden.

  • If the view has a check in its checkbox, then the view is shown in Genero Studio.
  • If the view does not have a check in its checkbox, then the view is hidden.

To make all views visible, select the Select all checkbox located at the bottom of the dialog.

Dock or undock a view

Undock a view by double-clicking on its title bar. Re-dock a view to its last position by double-clicking on its title bar.

Move views

Move a view to by selecting its title bar and dragging it to float or to a new position in the framework. As you move the view, shaded areas appear showing you valid locations to place the view.