General Preferences

Set general preferences, such as text file encoding and proxy settings.

Select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, > Preferences), then select General to access these preferences.

Text File Encoding

See Language support (text encoding).

Proxy Setting

This setting is not used for Genero Report Writer.

Browser Setting

These preferences are not used by Genero Report Writer.

Slow Networks

Select the checkbox to optimize for slow networks. If this option is selected, several components of Genero Studio for Report Writer change their behavior to reduce network traffic.

For example, if the current configuration is a remote configuration, Code Editor compiles the edited file locally using the application bundled with GST instead of the application of the remote configuration.

Users & Passwords

Press the Clear button to clear all users and passwords stored in Genero Studio for Report Writer.

Software Update

This section specifies whether this instance of Genero Studio for Report Writer is configured to receive update notifications for the software and / or documentation.

If update notifications are activated, the email address associated with the activation displays.

Click Reset to de-activate the notifications.

If update notifications are not activated, instructions are provided to guide you in activating the notifications. In this section, specify whether to receive software and/or documentation update notifications.