Create a report with BAM

The Business Application Modeler (BAM) for Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, PHP, and Swift uses the Reporting Template to generate data sources and create reports. The data sources are written in Java, C#, PHP, and Swift, and packaged as libraries to be included in bespoke applications.

The data is fetched from the database using SQL statements.

Quick start guides allow you to quickly use the Business Application Modeler to generate a report program. Before getting into the details provided in this section, take a few minutes to complete the quick start for your selected language:

The quick starts use the Business Application Modeler (BAM) to create the project. BAM can be used when you are fetching data from a database using SQL statements. It is recommended to use BAM where possible. However, in some circumstance you might need to create the data source manually, for example if you are using data from a file or a web service, or if the data is in memory.