Output to a printer (C#)

Set up and configure output to a printer from your reporting application.

Example - Using a server printer

This code sample uses the Printer class:
// code snippet starts

String designFile = "OrderReport.4rp";

Printer printer = new Printer();
printer.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = "diablo";

//Configuring the print output:
printer.PrinterSettings.Duplex = System.Drawing.Printing.Duplex.Vertical;

printer.PrinterSettings.FromPage = 1;
printer.PrinterSettings.ToPage = 2;
printer.PrinterSettings.PrintRange = System.Drawing.Printing.PrintRange.SomePages;
printer.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = false;

printer.PrinterSettings.Copies = 2;

FourRpLayouter report = new FourRpLayouter(designFile, printer);

//Run the report 
report.debugLevel = 9;

// some code omitted - view full source in demo

// code snippet ends
In this example:
  • A printer object is defined using the Printer class.
  • The PrinterSettings.PrinterName property specifies the name of the printer.
  • The other PrinterSettings properties configure the print output in a series of calls.
  • FourRpLayouter report = new FourRpLayouter(designFile, printer) creates the FourRpLayouter object for the specified report file that outputs to the given printer.

For the full list of properties and methods for this renderer class, refer to the Genero Report Writer .NET API documentation.