Output as Excel (C#)

Set up and configure output to Microsoft® Excel™ from your reporting application. This option is useful if you want to perform custom calculations in Excel.


Excel reports, as output from Genero Report Writer, do not print at high quality. If you require high-fidelity printing, use one of the other output options, such as SVG.


This code snippet shows some of the properties and methods available for an object of the ExcelRenderer class:
// code snippet starts

String designFile = "OrderReport.4rp";
String outputFilename = "SalesList.xlsx";
FormatHandler handler = new FormatWriter(outputFilename);
ExcelRenderer renderer = new ExcelRenderer(handler);

//configuring Excel output
renderer.mergeCells = false;
renderer.mergePages = true;
renderer.outputFormat = ExcelRenderer.OutputFormat.XLSX;

FourRpLayouter report = new FourRpLayouter(designFile, renderer);
//Run the report 
report.debugLevel = 9;

// some code omitted - view full source in demo


// open the file

// code snippet ends
In this example:
  • A FormatHandler object named handler is defined using the FormatWriter class, taking the name of the output file as its input.
  • The mergeCells property, when set to true, activates cell merging when the content spans several cells; when set to false, separate empty cells are created.
  • The mergePages property, when set to true, activates page merging; when set to false, separate sheets for each page are created.
  • The outputFormat property sets the output format as determined by the argument. When set to ExcelRenderer.OutputFormat.XLSX, the format is output as XLSX format (for Microsoft Excel starting with version 2007).

For the full list of properties and methods for this renderer class, refer to the Genero Report Writer .NET API documentation.