Explore tabs and views

Genero Studio for Report Writer is comprised of a series of tabs and views. You must be able to access those tabs and views to complete various tasks.

Within Genero Studio for Report Writer, you can open and close views. Genero Studio for Report Writer recalls what views were opened and closed, and restarts with the views that were opened when you last exited Genero Studio for Report Writer. In some instances, views are opened as you complete a task or procedure. In this tour, you will see how to open and position your views.

  1. In the central workspace, click on the various tabs (Projects, Tutorials & Samples, News and Support).
    At this stage, you should simply note that there are several samples and demos that you will be able to open and examine, as you begin to explore Genero Studio for Report Writer.
  2. Click on the OrderReportJava project.
    The project opens in the Projects view. The components of the project are presented in a hierarchical tree view.
  3. To run this demo, select Debug > Execute.
    The Order Report application appears. For now, click Quit. You will have a chance to find out more about the demo at a later time.
  4. Select Window > Views.
    The context menu lists all the possible views that can be opened. If you are ever in a task, and you need to be working with a view that is not open, go to this menu and select the view to open it.
  5. Select Document Errors.
    The Document Errors view opens. It is a tabbed view, contained within Genero Studio for Report Writer.
  6. Click on the title bar of the Document Errors view and drag the view.
    You should note a few things:
    • You can undock the view, so that it is independent of Genero Studio for Report Writer.
    • You can double-click on an undocked view, and it will snap back into place in Genero Studio.
    • You can move the view to any location around the central workspace.
    • You can click on the close icon (the 'X' in the upper right corner) to remove the view.
    • To reopen the view, return to the Window > Views menu option.