Display an invoice page number

Print the number of the invoice page instead of the physical page number.

About this task: A report can contain a batch of invoices with several pages in each invoice.

  1. Use the name property of the Mini Page container of the invoice to assign a name to the page.
  2. Add a Page Number report object to the page header or footer of this Mini Page container.
  3. In the Page Number section of the properties for the Page Number object, set the name property to the name of the Mini Page Container.

    Alternatively, you can use a page number string.

The invoice page number is printed on the report. For each invoice, the page count starts again at 1.


The report includes four invoices, sorted by customer.

Table 1. Physical versus invoice page numbers
Customer Name Number of pages in invoice Physical page numbers Invoice page numbers
Jean Dupont 5 1 to 5 1 to 5
Pedro Garcia 3 6 to 8 1 to 3
Steve Miller 2 9 to 10 1 to 2
Laura Kelly 4 11 to 14 1 to 4