Create a report from an existing template

In this procedure, the New Report from Template wizard is used to create a report design document (.4rp) from an existing template.

The New Report from Template wizard results in a report design document (.4rp) being created. Once created, the report design document is a stand-alone document and no longer has any connection to the template that created it. Any changes made to the report template (.4rt) have no effect on existing report designs (.4rp).

  1. Select File > New > Report From Template.
    A list of templates appear. You can refine the types of templates that appear in the list by selecting from the Filters drop-down list. See Template filters. Click on a template icon to view a sample of the report that can be created from that template.
  2. Select a template and click OK.
    The New Report From Template wizard opens.
  3. In the Schema Association page, you provide information about the data source.
    For complete details on this step, see Schema Association page.
    1. In the Schema Location field, select a data schema (.xsd).
      Once selected, a list of available classes appears in the Schema Root combobox. The Record1 appears in the rows box.
    2. In the Schema Root combobox, select the schema root.
    3. Complete the Repetitions section, mapping the template repetitions to the schema repetitions.
    4. Click Next >.
  4. In the Add Fields page, select the fields to display in a report object designed to accept a variable number of fields.
    Refer to the report diagram on the right-hand side of the wizard, the object will be highlighted. A new Add Fields page displays for each variable-field object contained on your report. For complete details on this step, see Add Fields page.
  5. On the Variables page, provide values for variables in the template.
    The Placeholders section provides you with the names of the various variables you can modify. Click on a variable, and the report image highlights the area or object that is affected by the variable.
    For complete details on this step, see Variables page.
  6. Select Finish.
    The report is created as an independent .4rp file. It is no longer associated with the template. It is a report design definition, and can now be treated as a standard report design document (.4rp) file.