Environment Sets needed for GRW for Swift

Use this procedure to verify that you have the minimum environment sets selected for your GRW for Swift configuration.

Before you begin:
There are several environment sets needed for the GRW for Swift configuration. If you have not modified the default selection provided by the Swift configuration during installation, these will already be selected for you:
  • Reporting Template (latest version)
  • Swift SDK
  • Report Writer (latest version)
  • Demo Swift Database Connection
  • DB - SQLite
Use this procedure to verify that you have the correct environment sets selected. You will likely need to alter the database-related environment sets for your environment, to use a database other than the demo database.
Tip: It is recommended that you make a copy of database-specific environment sets, and alter the copy. This allows you to keep the original database-specific environment sets for use with the demo programs.
  1. In the Genero Configurations combobox, select Swift.
    This combobox is located in the lower right-hand side of Genero Studio.
  2. Select Tools > Genero Configurations.
    The Genero Configuration Management dialog opens.
  3. At a minimum, select the following environment sets.
    Reporting Template (latest version)

    Only required for programs generated by the Business Application Modeler (BAM).

    This environment set includes the GSTSETUPDIR environment variable, which defines the directory where the BAM templates reside. In environments where multiple templates reside, you can only have one template path set.

    Swift SDK

    This environment set includes the SDKROOT environment variable. The SDKROOT environment variable specifies the device target we are building the package for (Mac® OSX, iPhone, and so on).

    Report Writer (latest version)

    In addition to setting GREDIR, this environment set ensures that all necessary library files are made available. This includes all Swift libraries where the Genero Report Writer APIs are defined.

    Demo Swift Database Connection

    This environment set is used in the code generated by the BAM to provide the details about the database.

    Database environment

    The environment set for the database must also be set, whether it be an IBM® Informix-specific set, an Oracle-specific set, and so on.

    For the sample reporting application, check the DB-SQLite environment set.

  4. Click OK until all dialogs close.