Generate a data source

A Data Model diagram (.4rdj) defines the records (data sets) that comprise the data model for your report application. Use the New Record Wizard to create a Data Model diagram.

Tip: Where possible, use a single data set, gathering multiple database tables into this data set. The database can then use a single SELECT statement, which allows for better performance than running multiple queries. However, multiple data sets are necessary in some cases; for example, you need multiple independent lists of data in your reports, or your query is too complex for the database engine.
Once you create and save your Data Model diagram, you build the library node containing the diagram, in order to create two things:
  • The data schema file (.xsd).

    The data schema file is the file added to a report design, in order to provide details about the data model. It identifies the structure and hierarchy of the data. By using this file, the report designer had all the information they need about the data, without having to have an actual database connection.

  • The data source code.

    The source code, generated in the language specified by the Language property, is the code necessary to extract, serialize, and stream the data to the report. These files are the source that can be included as a library in your bespoke applications. If necessary, these files can be customized through the addition of custom code.