Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, and PHP components

Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, and PHP is a suite of tools.

The components of the Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, and PHP suite include:

Genero Studio for Report Writer

With Genero Studio for Report Writer, you can quickly and easily:

Genero Report Engine (GRE)

The Genero Report Engine streams the data in XML format from the report application, minimizing memory usage and delivering fast 'first page' printing. Output can be directed to the Genero Report Viewer, or to any of a number of additional output types. Multiple GREs can be installed, on multiple physical machines, to improve performance by spreading the work across engines.

Report Designer plug-in (part of Genero Report Writer), or Genero Report Designer (GRD)

For creating the report design document, you use the Report Designer. The Report Designer separates the task of designing the graphical layout from that of data selection. Report designs can be developed as separate, parallel tracks, easing the writing and maintenance of large report libraries. End-users may make cosmetic modifications to reports using this tool.

For developers, the Report Designer is a plug-in, included as part of Genero Studio for Report Writer.

For end-users whom you wish to give report creation or modification abilities, the Genero Report Designer provide the same report design functionality in a standalone product.

Genero Report Viewer (GRV) for HTML5

The Genero Report Viewer is a Web viewer that displays reports output using the SVG format.